Senior creative media consultant with longtime experience as a journalist, writer, storyteller, speaker, book author, ghostwriter, blogger, tweeter in the fields of science and technology, sustainability and green IT, technology-related business and communication, personal and corporate security, arts and culture, pop/covert/cyber-culture, digital lifestyle and entertainment. Food & wine enthusiast.

Worked as free journalist, editor, leading editor, editor in chief, novelist, fiction writer, non-fiction writer, copywriter, free web designer, social media advisor, software developer, network administrator, storyteller, media & creativity coach. For unknown & well-known companies.

Wrote a couple of books, both fiction & non-fiction, some as ghost. Plus some short storys.

Founded Bright Heads – an agency for interdisciplinary and transmedial communication strategies specialized on creative media coaching, storytelling, storyboarding, storymining, storyjacking and shameless exaggeration.

Founded – germanys most successful blog for security related topics, plus the spin-off

Profile: Exemplary engaged and creative, a true “people’s person” communicating with excellence at all levels. Professional, flexible, self-starting, open and adaptable individual who relishes challenges and thrives on achievement.

Objectives: Pursue a challenging career in lifestyle/science/technology/cultural media. Implement all forms of communication, journalism, blogging, writing, audio/video/screen-casting, social / classic media creation with innovation, creativity and professionalism, achieving top results in all tasks undertaken. Find the best way to find or invent and transport the message. Be pro-active and goal driven, carrying out all business responsibilities at a highly professional level. Be honest to clients, even if this means rejecting bullshit requests and losing the job.

Specialties: Bringing in creativity plus energy and infect others with it. Experience, ideas, stories, humor, engagement, action, know-how, open-minded curiosity, understanding humanity, understanding technology, understanding communication, understanding security, understanding media, understanding lifestyle and understanding customer needs.